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Looking back on our past, we are proud to say that as an owner-managed company, we have gained international experience in more than fifteen countries and were very successful in implementing a large number of M & A's, real estate projects and the implementation of energy parks of all kinds.

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The ZDC Group is international by its shareholders and partners. Already in 1988, the shareholders together with management the strategic decision to align the focus on M & A, Real estate project development and production sites on the growth markets of Central & Eastern Europe. In Poland, former Czechoslovakia, Hungary and in the countries of the former Soviet Union, it was important to prove that they were able to contribute experience to the projects and build new networks. In the new millennium, the company has started its activities in the energy sector (renewable and decentralized energy supply, storage) and has moved geographically towards India, China and South America.
Long-term experience of activities and projects constantly force us to be ready and open to new tasks and challenges of the market.
The high degree of strategic thinking, our flexibility and the pursuit of perfection are the basis for the successful implementation of our projects.


Our corporate responsibility for sustainability, social commitment and the ethical principles in business are the basis of our activities since the beginning. We see it as important at a time when management is heavily influenced by optimization of business indicators, optimization of costs and profits, that truth lives in values and finds these values in our daily lives.
Among other things, we live sustainability with our involvement in the international development of renewable and CO2 neutral energy sources.But we also try to live sustainability in our social activities. We support children and youth projects that provide socially disadvantaged young people with better access to education to facilitate their later entry into working life.


Our team includes a large number of internationally experienced partners, employees and freelancers, which covers a wide range of competencies. With these specialists, we have decades of experience in the areas of M & A, international project development for real estate, production sites and energy parks as well as in strategic management.


The ZDC group of companies comprises a large number of very experienced partners, employees and freelancers with a very broad range of expertise. Together, we have decades of experience in M ​​& A, international project development, IPO’s and corporate governance. This circumstance brings us into the comfortable situation not only to be able to use these experiences for our own projects, but also to make them available to our partners and customers.



Executive Partner

Strategic business management
Mergers & Acquisitions
Support of investors and financial partnersn

Hans-Christian Zink completed a training as a banker. After the opening of Eastern Europe in 1992 he left Germany into Czechoslovakia perform his first assignment as a board member. Since then, Mr. Zink has built a large number of companies in the automotive, financial services, energy and production sectors for the ZDC Group, managing them as CEO, Chairman of the Board or as a member of the Supervisory Board. Since 2011, he has headed his area of responsibility from the Franconian town of Roth.

Mike Klaus Barke

Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter

International project development
Strategy & Innovation

Mr Mike Klaus Barke had taken his apprenticeship as a specialist in energy supply systems as an opportunity to start his own business in the mid-nineties. For many years he successfully managed companies in the areas of heat contracting, planning & project development of real estate, energy supply systems as well as sports facilities in Germany and abroad as a managing partner. Since 2009, as managing partner of the ZDC Group, he has been responsible for international project development as well as strategy and innovation.
In addition to his day-to-day challenges as Managing Director, Mr. Barke is Vice President of the Saxon Business Association in addition to a high level of expertise, he also has an outstanding international network in business and politics.


Project development

ZDC already has several decades of experience in the international project development of real estate (logistics, shopping centers, residential and commercial buildings), production facilities (recycling, wood processing) and energy parks (photovoltaics, biogas, biomass cogeneration plants, combined heat and power plants).
The Group always maintains close contact with our partners, financial institutions, industry, accountants, tax advisors, interest groups and, of course, politics. This allows us quick access to up-to-date information and competent support for successful implementation.

We coordinate the requirements very closely in advance with our partners and investors and analyze the possibilities for a successful and cost-transparent implementation within clearly defined timeframes.

  • Detailed market, location, risk and potential analyzes
  • Audience and exit strategies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Operator's draughts
  • Planning until approval and implementation
  • Turnkey solutions, if necessary, also completely operationally fully functional with employees, customer base, etc

Mergers and acquisitions

For more than 20 years, the ZDC Group has been participating internationally in promising corporate direct investments in the financial services, distribution companies, energy generation and marketing segments as well as in patents and licenses.

We define our interests in medium-term commitments (up to five years with pre-defined exit) and long-term strategic investments. Our long-term investment strategy focuses on high-value and high-yield real estate in Germany and abroad as well as on solidly growing companies with a great deal of technical and professional expertise.

As part of our investments, the ZDC Group not only brings capital into the respective companies, but much more, we discuss synergies with existing structures, identify potential for optimization in purchasing and sales and provide advice with our many years of experience.


Looking back on our past, we are proud to say that as an owner-managed company, we have gained international experience in more than fifteen countries and were very successful in implementing a large number of M & A’s, real estate projects and the implementation of energy parks of all kinds.


  • Office buildings up to 25,000 m²
  • Logistics (freight forwarders, automotive)
  • retail parks & local suppliers (German retail chains)
  • Residential Properties
  • Sports facilities (ice hockey & football stadiums as partial orders)

Energy parks

  • Photovoltaic Parks (Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Greece, Spain, Bulgaria, Romania, France, Italy, China, Sri Lanka, USA, Ukraine)
  • Biogas (Chechnya, Slovakia, Ukraine)
  • Biomass cogeneration plant (Germany, Serbia)
  • Combined heat and power plants with combined heat and power generation (Germany, Czech Republic)


  • Leasing and mobility service providers
  • Real estate investment companies
  • Automotive
  • Recycling and disposal companies
  • Production of biomass for energy production (pellets, wood chips, etc.)



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